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Seneye Reef Aquarium Monitor Reviews
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Impressed with software
"I am impressed with the seneye software, and impressed with seneye letting me know of any updates. I have been running some testing along with my hanna. At present having adjusted the trims I have consists accurate readings and can now confidently use the seneye for improved feeding regimes.

I think it is an amazing add-on for anyone and helps elevate keeper errors."

A very satisfied customer
I would like to congratulate you and the rest of the Seneye team for producing such a worthwhile addition to the world of Aquaria. At first, due to relying and trusting the standard ways of testing water you are pushed into not trusting the results you observe from the Seneye device, for example, the last 2 months i have been reading 8.2 for my tanks PH and the Seneye device read 7.4. I then borrowed a very expensive electronic PH tester which also read 7.4. I was absolutely amazed that the device and a very expensive PH tester read the same but at the same time very disappointed that the API test was so far out and indeed an electronic tester i purchased a few months ago was also so far out. This gave me the confidence that the Seneye device was a very good addition for reading the PH. I have also had variable readings of NO3 (free ammonia) which is displayed and which is shown to vary throughout the day but overall is creeping down to zero. Again, none of this information would have been seen using the API ammonia tests due to not being able to read free ammonia at these reduced levels.

A few days ago i had been working behind my tank and accidentally adjusted the temperature, I use 2 inline heaters which attach to the outlet of the filters. I had turned up the temperature from 78 to 98 by my hand brushing against the control dial and it wasn't until the Seneye device temperature light came on that I realized something was wrong. If it hadn't been for the device coming on I would not have known until it was to late. The device had now just paid for itself 20 times over.

The Seneye support team is second to none and can honestly say that all phone calls and emails to the company have been answered with complete professionalism and expertise.

Thank you

Ian ******,
A very satisfied customer."
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Found: 2

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