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Red Sea Success Reef Base Substrate 11 lbs

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Red Sea Success Reef Base Substrate 11 lbs
red sea aquarium
Price: $29.99
Code: RS4111


NOTE: This item has been discontinued and is longer being produced by the Red Sea Manufacturer.

An Equivalent Alternative: is the CaribSea Aragamax Sugar Sized Sand 30 lb. bag which is an excellent product and is recommended.
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  • Contains Aragonite – the most dissolvable form of calcium Carbonate
  • Natural Porous structure provides maximum surface area for biological filtration
  • Smooth “sphere” shape prevents damage to the burrowing invertebrates or jawfish
  • Free from harmful impurities including nitrates and phosphates
  • Pre-washed, so only minimal rinsing is required prior to use
Red Sea offers ideal substrates for all marine fish & invertebrate aquariums, Testing has shown that using these substrates will maintain a stable pH and a high buffer capacity over extended periods of time. Furthermore the porosity of the spheres provides an excellent media for both aerobic (nitrifying) and anaerobic (denitrifying) biological filtration.

Reef Base consists of naturally occurring reef sand spheres mixed with aragonite coral chip. The spheres are highly porous calcareous shells of simple protozoa (foraminifers) and bring many benefits to all marine aquariums.

Reef Base substrate contains natural aragonite (the most dissolvable from of calcium carbonate) that maintains natural levels of pH with its high buffering capacity. Furthermore the porosity of the spheres provides an excellent media for both aerobic (nitrifying) and anaerobic (denitrifying) biological filtration. Each bag of pre-washed, impurity-free Reef Base will provide the right quantity of substrate for a 2”(5cm) layer in a 10-gallon(40 liter) aquarium. This is an ideal substrate for all fish and invertebrate tanks.

These quality substrates come from a CITES approved location on the exotic shores of Southeast Asia. The procurement and preparation does not involve the destruction of beaches, reef ecosystems, or cause any other damage to the environment.

Manufacturer Information:

Red Sea designs, develops and manufactures specialized products for saltwater and planted freshwater aquariums. Established in 1990 along the shores of the, among the most beautiful of the world’s natural reefs, our brand strives to deliver customers more than simply aquarium products. Our goal is to help you realize your home aquarium dreams with the minimum fuss and investment; and get the maximum enjoyment (that’s what fishkeeping should be about, after all).

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