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Aquarium Systems Maxi-Jet 1200 Powerheads Pump
Price: $39.99
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  • These quality water pumps are great for Hydroponics Aquatic Systems. The number one choice for plant growers.
  • These quality Maxi-Jet power heads by Aquarium Systems are durable and perfect for creating water movement.
  • They are ideal for powering under-gravel filters or creating internal directional water movement from its fully rotational output.
  • They work great with the Aquarium Systems Wave Maker Power Strip for controlled water movement/wave making.
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1200 Maxi-Jet Pro Power Head by Aquarium Systems. A MarineLand Product.

This Maxi-Jet Pro 1200 comes with two different front covers and impellers. With the installed impeller and impeller cover the Maxi-Jet Pro 1200 is a 295 gph power head has input and output connections for powering undergravel filters, protein skimmers, calcium reactors and refugiums. For creating water movement the Maxi-Jet Pro comes with a propeller and propeller assembly for creating a 1,300 gph circulation pump.
  • Flow rate: 295 gph
  • Connections: 3/4" ID hose fits inlet -- 1/2" ID hose fits outlet
  • 20 Watts
  • Dimensions: 3.25" X 3.5" X 2
The Maxi-Jet aquarium powerhead (pump) is ideal for powering undergravel filters or creating internal water movement from its fully rotational output. The Maxi-Jet incorporates a venturi aeration device to provide optimal aeration and gas exchange in the aquarium. A silencer keeps the venturi aeration device operating quietly. An adjustable air filter permits the user to fine-tune air volume and water mixing as desired.