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Floating Solar Lights
Price: $25.99

Color & Size: 4.3" Sphere - Green ; 4.3" Sphere - Red ; 4.3" Sphere - Yellow ; 4.3" Sphere - Blue ; 4.3" Sphere - Constantly Color Changing ; 6.3" Sphere - Green (+ $8.00); 6.3" Sphere - Red (+ $8.00); 6.3" Sphere - Yellow (+ $8.00); 6.3" Sphere - Blue (+ $8.00); 6.3" Sphere - Constantly Color Changing (+ $8.00); 4.3" Sphere - White ; 6.3 Sphere - White (+ $8.00)
  • Available in 4 Individual colors or one constantly color-changing light.
  • Colors include: green, red, white, yellow, blue, or constantly changing, which includes a combination of all colors.
  • 4.3" or 6.3" diameter.
  • Floats upright, includes an anchoring loop.
  • Clear plastic enclosure.
  • Integrated recharging battery.
  • Environmentally-friendly solar power.
  • Floating pond solar lights will add a touch of elegance to any water feature.
  • Watertight and buoyant to protect internal LED lights.
  • Recharges in just six hours for a nighttime of vibrant color illumination.
  • Note: Please select desired size and color from the below drop down.
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Floating Solar Lights

Economically priced floating pond solar light adds colored elegance to any water feature. Weather- and temperature-resistant plastic is watertight and buoyant with housing bright internal LED lights. Perfect 4.3" or 6.3" diameter sizes hide a discreet solar panel to charge the battery during the day and illuminate the sphere through the night. Hidden, push-button "ON/OFF" switch on base of sphere. Versatile design can also be suspended beneath a stand or attached to a garden stake (stand and stake not included).

Single-color Solar Lights feature long-lasting, replaceable 1.2 volt NiCad battery and available in five subtle colors to add a unique splash to any pond, water garden, or pool. Please specify color for Single-color Solar Light. Multi-color Solar Light has a self-changing, multicolor feature that transition from purple, blue, green, yellow, and orange light for enhanced lighting effects.

Comes in your choice of colors: Green, Red, White, Yellow or Blue.

Note: Please select desired size and color from the above drop down.