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Kent Marine Tech-CB Package 16 oz Bottles Part A and B Calcium Buffers
Price: $19.95

  • Add that much needed Calcium to your reef aquarium in the proper dosage with Kent Marine Tech CB Part A & B. The CB stands for (Calcium Balance) and (Calcium Buffer)!
  • Helps keep your Calcium Levels up and stable by adding the Calcium and then by buffering your aquarium water.
  • Used in conjunction with each other, creates the perfect ionic balance, mimicking the calcium levels found in natures coral reefs
  • Note: With this special offer get both Parts A & B in large 16 oz bottles for the low price of $12.00
  • This product has received great reviews nationwide
  • recommended
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Kent Marine Tech-CB Package 16 oz. Bottles Part A and B Calcium Buffers

Tech CB Part A & B Expert Series Calcium Buffer System (2x16oz.)

KENT MARINE TECH CB PART A & B is an ionically balanced, complete calcium and alkalinity control regimen for all marine aquariums. When A & B are used together they will raise both the calcium and buffer levels in the system. This product is simple to apply and ideal for hobbyists seeking a low-maintenance solution to managing calcium and alkalinity levels. Kent Marine Tech is phosphate, nitrate and gluconate free! Each 16 oz. bottle of Tech CB will treat 1,900 gallons or 7,200 liters. All Reef Aquarium Hobbyists who are not using Kalkwasser or a Calcium Reactor should be using this product to yield great results!