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Aqua Medic Kalkwasser Stirrer 1000
Price: $239.99

  • Inside the unit a sediment of Calcium hydroxide powder is slowly stirred so it is kept in suspension.
  • Kalkwasser stirrers make dosing an aquarium with kalkwasser suspended water easier by automatically producing Kalkwasser to replace the evaporated water in saltwater aquaria.
  • Made of quality components.
↓See detailed description below.↓
Aqua Medic Kalkwasser Stirrer 1000

The Kalkwasser Stirrer 1000 stirs the kalkwasser so that the calcium carbonate sediment settles at the bottom of the Stirrer while the clear solution of calcium hydroxide is at the outlet where it can be transferred to the tank using the Aqua Medic SP 3000 Dosing Pump (Automatic Top Off Unit with peristaltic pump and float switch) (sold separately).

Unit comes with 1 lb of Aqua Medic Kalkwasser Powder. For replacement Kalkwasser we carry quality brands like the Brightwell Aquatics Kalk+2 Advanced Kalkwasser Supplement.