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OCReef's 10 oz Live Pods with Chaeto
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  • Note: This is an Aquacultured starter "culture" only, intended for you to successfully breed copepods in your home aquarium, refugium or breeder/hatchery tank, or to feed your fish.
  • Live Copepods are great for seeding refugiums, as well as marine aquariums with live rock. The Tigriopus sp. and/or subtropical Harpacticoid sp. of copepods included in our product, are highly nutritious and naturally full of essential fatty acids versus the Tisbe sp. which are commonly sold.
  • Once reproducing in your system, these copepods provide a constant replenishing source of nutritious food for saltwater fish and corals.
  • These copepods are aqua-cultured at our facility and are disease free, unlike their wild-caught cousins.
↓See detailed description below.↓

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OCReef's 10 oz Live Copepods

It is our intention to provide a starter culture of copepods that will thrive and populate in reef aquariums or refugiums. Please take all necessary precautions so the culture does not get completely eaten by resident fish before they can begin to repopulate.

  • Cultivated in ozonated, purified saltwater.
  • Only fed the highest quality phytoplankton, to ensure the safety of adding directly to your aquarium.
  • High nutritional content, full of essential fatty acids (HUFAs).
  • Note: The water in the container, may be murky, due to movement during shipping. This is normal and not harmful.

Air in the container quickly depletes, so it is recommended that it be opened upon arrival to allow fresh oxygen to enter it, before floating the container for full acclimation.

It is safe to add these copepods and the water directly to the saltwater aquarium, reef tank, or refugium as the water is made up only of filtered salt water, copepods, and phytoplankton (the copepods' food source).

If dosing directly into a saltwater aquarium with the intention of creating a continuous population, it is best to do it after the tank lights have shut off to prevent all the fish from instantly devouring the new tasty additions. 40 to 50 eggs will hatch every other day from thriving copepods.

About Copepods:

Copepods are a type of marine animal classified as zooplankton. They are a fundamental part of all fish bearing and coral bearing marine ecosystems, making up the largest source of protein in the sea. Feeding your fish and invertebrate pods reproduces nature, and helps to create an environment in your marine aquarium for fish and corals not just to survive, but to thrive!


Active and Plump Live Pods are perfect for hard-to-feed salt water fish, like: Mandarin Dragonets, Scooter Blennies, Lined Wrasse, Pipefish, Seahorse, Corals, and many other species.

Pods For Fish Tanks: Salt Water Aquariums, Coral Reef Aquariums, Fish-Only Aquariums, Pico & Nano Reefs, Refugiums, Aqua-Culture, Rearing Larvae, Fry Feeding, Populating Live Sand, Acclimating Live Rock, and Detritus Control.