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TLC StartSmart Complete Live Bacteria
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Water Type: Freshwater
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  • Use when setting up a new aquarium, or to maintain your existing aquarium!
  • Maintaining a healthy biological system in your aquarium is one of the single most important steps in aquarium keeping, this product is the key to doing this, by constantly replenishing live beneficial colonies of good bacteria.
  • For complete production, and rejuvenation of beneficial bacteria, for full Bio-Control!
  • This product will help to drastically cut cycling time in half when starting a new aquarium.
  • Keeping your water parameters stable is key to your success as an aquarium hobbyist. Give your expensive aquarium tank mates some Tender Loving Care with TLC!
  • A great investment for your saltwater reef aquarium, or freshwater aquariums.
  • Used by professionals in many different types of aquatic environments, to maintain water parameters at safe levels, for sustainable aquatic marine life.
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TLC Starter/Cycle Bacteria


TLC StartSmart, the flagship TLC aquarium product. Completely natural and safe - not a chemical. Use to speed up the cycle time for new tanks, when adding new species, and for tank maintenance. Helps to eliminate toxic ammonia and nitrite, helps minimize sludge build-up.

A quote from the TLC Company....
TLC aquarium and pond products are manufactured in Westlake, Ohio, U.S.A, by our parent company, Aquatic BioControl. We take great pride in producing only the most effective products available and offer a complete line of bacterial and chemical additives for aquariums and ponds.