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jw aquatic accuair 4-way aquarium gang valve
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  • Air-flow control gang valves for fish tank air pumps
  • Allows precise control of aquarium air pump air-flow
  • Angled flow control knobs for easy airflow adjustments
  • Note: If we are out of stock on the jw aquatic brand at the time of your order, we'll send a comparable 4-way gang valve.
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jw aquatic accuair 4-way aquarium gang valve

Accurately control air-flow of single or multiple air-driven devices. AccuAir Aquarium Gang Valves feature angled flow control knobs for easy access and accurate adjustment of air-flow. Use with airstones, bubblers, air-driven decor, or any fish tank device powered by air pumps. Bracket screw securely mounts valve onto aquarium frame. Durable ABS Acrylic plastic construction suitable for fresh or saltwater applications.

Directions for Use:
  • Loosen bracket screw and hang AccuAir Gang Valve on the outside of aquarium frame.
  • Carefully tighten bracket screw; be careful not to over tighten.
  • Attach air line from air pump to one of the side nozzles of the AccuAir Gang Valve. Use the L-shaped connector to prevent kinking of the air line tubing.
  • Attach air line of fish tank accessories to the top nozzles of AccuAir Gang Valve.
  • To add more AccuAir Gang Valves to the setup, use a length of air line tubing to connect them from the side nozzles.