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Oceanic 29 Gallon Biocube HQI Aquarium
Price: $499.95

  • 150 Watt HQI Metal Halide Lighting
  • 14,000 Kelvin Metal Halide Lamp Included
  • Integrated Filtration with Protein Skimmer
  • Built-In Refugium Chamber
  • Glass Canopy and Feeding Rings
  • Dimensions: L 20 x W 21 x H 18.5
  • To View A Few More Beautiful Detailed Images of the Oceanic 29 Gallon BioCube HQI Aquarium, visit this link from the Manufacturers Website. It opens in a new window for your viewing pleasure.
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Oceanic 29 Gallon Biocube HQI Aquarium

A Complete Aquarium System, perfect for Saltwater Reef Environments.

The Oceanic Biocube HQI offers an aesthetically appealing design and high quality components that make reef-keeping much easier and rewarding. The key component is the HQI metal halide light which provides the high intensity lumen output preferred by reef-keeping hobbyists. Now you can create a thriving coral reef with a broad variety of organisms, including small polyp stony (SPS) corals and Tridacna clams.

Healthy reef aquarium keeping also requires proper filtration and the Oceanic Biocube HQI has everything you need, including a protein skimmer for removing harmful organic waste, a refugium chamber for establishing biological filtration, and a replaceable filter cartridge to eliminate particulate matter.

A complete all in one aesthetically pleasing system! Since a thriving coral reef is a beautiful reef, Biocube HQI includes a clear glass canopy for showcasing your aquatic masterpiece. The canopy is easily removed for stocking, water changes, and ongoing maintenance.

Other features include:
  • A clear glass splash guard surrounding the U.V. shielded metal halide lamp
  • A powerful quiet fan built into the light fixture for active cooling
  • The light housing is designed with small thermal vents which allows heat to rise up and away from the aquarium