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Chem Marin Stop Parasites 8 oz
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  • Reef Safe - Freshwater Safe
  • Can be used for saltwater and freshwater aquariums
  • All-natural parasite treatment for fish and reef aquariums
  • Copper-free formula will not harm internal organs of fish
  • Safe for all aquarium inhabitants, including reef invertebrates
  • Recommended Product
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Chem Marin Stop Parasites, 8 oz Bottle

Stop Parasites - natural ingredients for removing all types of parasites, including saltwater Ich. Completely safe for all fish, invertebrates, and corals and does not harm the fish's liver as does copper. This organic solution is 99% effective in fresh and saltwater aquariums. Stop Parasites works by first enhancing the slime coat on fish, which will remove all parasites. Then it uses another additive, which the parasites attach themselves to as a false host, and the parasites are then naturally removed through your protein skimmer or mechanical filtration. Another agent in the product works to speed up appetite and build the immune system.

Chem Marin Parasite Medication