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Coralife Deep Six Hydrometer
Price: $9.99

  • All New Design! Improved Calibration!
  • Easy-read swing-arm hydrometer measures specific gravity and salinity
  • Unique design takes true water samples for a more accurate reading
  • Temperature-corrected and accurate to 0.001 specific gravity units
  • Recommended
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Coralife Deep Six Hydrometer

Precision hydrometer tests both salinity and specific gravity accurately and without getting your hands wet. Distinct vertical design takes water samples six inches below the surface where samples are more accurate than water at the surface. Gently diverts water to reduce excess bubbles and convenient self-leveling hanging device further eliminates inaccurate results. Wide range hydrometer reads temperature-corrected readings accurate to 0.001 specific gravity units. Certified calibration for precise and reliable results. Durable plastic construction for years of use. Measures 16 - 43 PPT salinity and 1.012 - 1.032 specific gravity. Unit Measures: 6-1/4" x 11" high.

  • Reads 1.012-1.032 Specific Gravity or 16-43 PPT
  • Meter Graph Dimensions: 3.5" x 1" x 8"
  • Self-leveling hanging device
  • Calibrated from factory
  • Takes temperature compensated readings in warm water (68-85° degrees F)
  • Convenient instructions on package
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty