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Milwaukee Instruments Seawater (Salinity) Refractometer
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  • Easy to read digital display screen
  • If you are tired of calibrating your old school refractometer, then this product is the solution for you!
  • More accurate and precise versus old school Aquarium Hydrometers & Refractometers!
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Battery operation with Low Power indicator
  • Automatically turns off after 3 minutes of non-use
  • This product has received great reviews amongst reef hobbyists nationwide
  • Recommended Product
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The MA887 Milwaukee Instruments Digital (Salinity) Refractometer

  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Battery operation with Low Power indicator
  • Automatically turns off after 3 minutes of non-use
The new Milwaukee MA887 Saltwater Digital Refractometer encompasses 3 different types of user selected scales for the measurement of saltwater, providing for a much more precise evaluation. Each scale is temperature compensated. The three types of scales included on the MA887 Milwaukee Digital Refractometer are below:

1. PSU - The newest type scale standard - Letters stand for Practical Salinity Units and is fastly becoming the universal standard for saltwater measurement.

2. PPT - The old standard of Parts Per Thousand of saturated salt. This is the oldest of the 3 saltwater measurements scales.

3. S.G. - The current standard of Specific Gravity in which hydrometers and refractometers deploy.

The Milwaukee Instruments MA887 digital refractometer is easy to calibrate and easy to read and provides the highest accuracy possible for the measurement of saltwater with its 3 specific scales. This is the type of accuracy demanded by today's reef hobbyists, & professionals, and... Milwaukee Instruments delivers this demand quite nicely!

Detailed Information:

The MA887 Milwaukee Instruments Seawater (Salinity) Refractometer is an optical instrument that employs the measurement of the refractive index to determine the salinity of natural and artificial seawater, ocean water or brackish intermediates. The digital refractometer eliminates the uncertainty associated with mechanical refractometers.

To use, after calibrating, you just put a sample of your water into the prism tray of the Milwaukee Seawater Refractometer. Within seconds the refractive index and temperature are measured and converted into one of three popular measurement units; Practical Salinity Units, Salinity in parts per thousand or Specific Gravity. The measurement is displayed digitally on the LCD screen.

OC Reef Aquatics staff comment: The digital readout is awesome!