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Eheim Automatic Twin Fish Feeder Deluxe
Price: $99.99
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  • Programmable automatic fish feeder with greater feeding options
  • Twin chambers hold two different types of fish foods
  • Easy way to provide a varied and nutritional diet for aquarium fish
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Eheim Electronic Twin Battery Powered Automatic Fish Feeder

Intelligent, automatic fish feeder increases feeding options. Programmable feeder provides the best nutrition for your tropical aquarium fish by dispensing a varied diet. Twin chambers hold different types of fish foods including flakes, granules, sticks, or pellets. Accommodate various feeding levels (surface, mid-water, and bottom) by using sinking pellets, floating fish food, or slow-sinking granules. The two fish food dispensing capacity chambers can be controlled independently for custom feedings intervals. Uses 4 AA batteries.

  • Large display - all settings are visible
  • Permanent display of time
  • Permanent display of the feed setting
  • Up to 3 feed times in 24 hours
  • Up to 9 turns per feed time
  • Random feed time available
  • "Diet Function" - skips one day every 7 days
  • Battery life display (low battery) display