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Ice Cap Model 430 Electronic Fluorescent Ballast
Price: $249.99
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  • Note: the IceCap Model 430 Electronic VHO, HO T5 Ballast has been discontinued. HOWEVER, we do carry the high quality alternative to this product. You may still order through this product listing and receive the high quality alternative equivalent.
  • UL approved
  • High quality components
  • Quick Disconnect wiring harness ballast
  • Grounded Power Cord
  • 4 Pairs of German 3-Piece Moisture Resistant VHO End-caps
↓See detailed description below.↓
IceCap Model 430 Electronic VHO, HO T5 Fluorescent Ballast

Through IceCap's patented direct ionization process, IceCap ballasts are capable of delivering unparalleled light output from conventional lamps. IceCap ballasts efficiently light lamps with a soft-start process, which enhances lamp life. In fact, lamps powered by the exclusive IceCap system provide uniform light...without the usual hot spots. And, unlike other ballasts on the market, IceCap ballasts are repairable. Plus, IceCap is so certain of the durability of all its products that they even provide an inclusive 1-year parts and labor warranty.

IceCap 430 Information: Ice Cap Ballasts are the coolest ballasts available using 40% less electricity and burning 40% brighter. Their unique circuitry prevents premature lamp burn out and fading associated with VHO lamps. You can run VHO, HO, and STD fluorescent lamps in any combination. In summary, the Icecap 430 is a versatile and powerful ballast.

The Ultimate (4) T5 lamp driver for all VHO and HO lamps.

Note: Carefully follow all manufacturer instructions for proper installation, as to not void your warranty.

Specific features include:
  • Maximum light output with VHO and HO lamps.
  • Cold temperature starts to -40 Celsius.
Product Description:
  • Mode: IceCap 430-008
  • Input Voltage: 120V A/C
  • Input Current: 3.3 Amps
  • Input Power: 330 Watts
  • Lamp Load: 3 @ 110 Watts
  • Power Factor: > 60%
  • Operating Frequency: 22-24 KHz
  • Minimum Starting Temp.: -40C
  • Max. Allowed Area Temp.: < 50C
  • Max. Mounting Distance: 50 feet
  • Type: 2 Outdoors
  • Sound Rating: A
  • Enclosure Overall Dimensions (Inches): 11 X 3 7/32 X 1
  • Approval: cULus
  • Thermal Protected: Class P
  • Weight: 2 lbs