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The Reef Tank Owners Manual, John H. Tullock (Hardcover) 3rd. Edition Revised and Updated
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Thinking about a coral reef aquarium, but not sure where to start? Do you already own a reef tank that needs improvement? Confused about all the new styles of marine aquarium keeping? The Reef Tank Owners Manual, in this new, revised and rewritten edition, holds the answers. Simple, practical advice will help you achieve a thriving reef tank without wasting money.

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The Reef Tank Owners Manual, by John H. Tullock - (Hardcover) 3rd. Edition Revised & Updated

John Tullock shows you that focusing on results, not methods, is the key to success. With a lucid account of conditions on a natural coral reef, he demonstrates how understanding nature is the secret to creating spectacular reef aquariums. Now enhanced with information about the latest methods, and full-color photographs, this book it sure to become the one master reef keepers turn to most often.

The author holds a Master's Degree in Zoology, and has been a marine aquarist for over twenty years. He is a founding partner of the nationally recognized retail aquarium store, Aquatic Specialists.

Tullock's many articles on marine aquarium keeping have appeared in every major hobbyist magazine, and his books have sold thousands of copies worldwide. He is a popular lecturer and regularly appears before hobbyists groups. He is founder and president of the American Marinelife Dealers Association, dedicated to excellence in the marine aquarium industry.

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