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Hagen Glo T5 HO Lighting System, Double Bulb Fixture 24 Inch
Price: $149.99

  • The Hagen Glo Lighting System is perhaps the most advanced T5 lighting fixture available in the aquarium hobby!
  • These fixtures are not only incredibly attractive but also incorporate a state-of-the-art highly polished and engineered housing that directs maximum lighting into your aquarium.
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Hagen 24 Inch T5 High Output Lighting Fixture

Hagen Glo T5 HO Lighting System, Double Bulb Fixture 24 Inch

The Hagen Glo T5 HO fluorescent lighting units are aesthetically enhanced with aluminum accent panels and come complete with built in suspending tabs and stylish aquarium mount brackets to facilitate a variety of installations. The highly-efficient water resistant compression-fit bulb end caps are provided to support long life and superior performance.

Special tank mount brackets allow vertical adjustments of the light unit to "fine tune" light levels as well as integrated horizontal brackets to adapt to a variety of tank lengths. Adjusts from 23" to 40".

  • Highly polished reflector
  • For freshwater and saltwater aquarium use
  • Does not utilize an acrylic light lens, which traps heat, fades and cracks; instead this fixture features water resistant end caps.
  • Integrated hardware for tank mount or suspending above or in air installations. Hardware includes heavy duty easy adjust brackets, built-in sliding metal leg brackets, and heavy-gauge stainless steel cables.
  • Fits 15+ Gallon Aquariums. Make sure to measure your aquarium for an exact fit, before purchasing. Adjusts from 23 Inches to 40 Inches.
*Bulbs not included. We sell a variety of T5 HO bulbs. This system works with 22 Inch 24 Watt T5 HO bulbs.