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Two Little Fishies NanoMag Magnetic Aquarium Glass Cleaning Device
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  • For cleaning algae, glass scum, and slime from freshwater and saltwater aquariums.
  • Two Little Fishies NanoMag is Safe for Glass and Acrylic Aquariums.
  • Two Little Fishies NanoMag® is an itsy-bitsy, lean, high-energy, Flexible window-cleaning apparatus that slips safely between polyps and viewing windows.
  • It's got umph needed for cleaning windows up to 1/2" thick, and it flexes to clean curved surfaces, wiping off algal films with ease. It's so much fun to use you just might have to get two or take turns. Patent pending.
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Two Little Fishies NanoMag Aquarium Algae Cleaner

Does size matter to you?
  • Miniature algae scrubber for keeping nano aquariums clean
  • Magnetically coupled scrubber effectively removes algal film
  • Extremely thin scrubber pad fits even tight aquarium spaces
Compact algae scrubber with the muscle power to keep nano aquariums clean. The NanoMag boasts powerful magnets that secure the algae-busting scrubber pad onto glass or acrylic up to 3/8" thick. Its patent-pending design features a flexible scrubber pad that measures a mere 1/8" thick. This amazingly thin profile allows the NanoMag to glide safely between tight spaces and even curved surfaces without disturbing decorations or aquarium inhabitants. The NanoMag scrubber pad measures 1" x 1" x 1/8" thick. External magnet measures 1-1/2" diameter. Its patent pending design makes it strong, thin, flexible, and comfortable to use. Plus its near neutral buoyancy means all the force is used for scrubbing.

Two Little Fishies NanoMag is safe for glass and acrylic aquariums, but one must prevent picking up any sand or gravel that can scratch aquarium surfaces.

Caution: Small parts may present choking hazard. Keep out of reach of children. Strong Magnets! Keep away from computers, monitors, credit cards, and watches.