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EShopps Frag Plugs, 24 Count
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  • Use EShopps frag plugs for convenient coral propagation
  • Easy-to-use plugs help you place coral in your aquarium or grow your own coral frag
  • Hard coral pieces easily attach to plugs with an underwater adhesive

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EShopps Frag Plugs, 24 Count

EShopps Frag Plugs, 24 Count, made for use with the EShopps Straight Frag Rack and the Corner Frag Rack.

Eshopps frag plugs make hard coral propagation a snap. Simply use an aquarium-safe adhesive such as AquaStik: Epoxy Putty, HoldFast Epoxy Stick, or Gel Super Glue to secure coral fragment onto plug. Insert coral plug into frag rack or live rock to grow your very own coral frag. 24 plugs; 1-3/4" long. Makes a great addition to any coral growing kit to propagate more corals.

Propagate Coral Frags at Home:
Coral frag propagation is a cost effective way to have more corals, but more importantly, it helps alleviate the demand placed on corals harvested from the oceans reefs.

Coral Conservation: What Can You Do?
The future of the aquarium hobby depends on responsible management of our marine resources. An easy way home reef hobbyists can help protect natural reefs is by propagating their own corals.

Protecting Coral Reefs
With increasing news regarding the declining health of the world's coral reefs, many reef hobbyists have realized the need for an alternative to wild species. Aquacultured corals make a great alternative to wild harvested corals.