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EShopps Coral Frag Rack, Straight Rack 12 inch by 4 inch
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  • Magnetic coral frag rack for convenient coral propagation
  • Clever design allows flexible placement of coral fragments
  • Clear acrylic frag rack reduces visual clutter in your aquarium

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Eshopps Straight Coral Frag Rack
  • Straight Rack, 12"X4"
  • Made of acrylic
  • Has strong, rust resistant magnets--strong enough for acrylic thicknesses up to 3/8"
  • Holds 23 plugs
  • Comes with two free plugs
Optimize growing conditions for your propagated corals. The simple yet clever design of the Eshopps Frag Rack allows ideal placement of coral fragments (frags) for healthy growth. Powerful magnetic mounts secure the Frag Rack wherever you place it. Satisfy specific water movement or lighting requirements of your coral frags simply by adjusting placement of the Frag Rack. Durable clear acrylic construction and low profile design help reduce visual clutter. Perfect for propagation or "grow-out" tanks or even your main display reef aquarium. Straight Rack measures 12" x 4" and holds 23 coral plugs. Each rack includes two coral plugs. Additional coral propagation plugs sold separately.

Propagation tips:

Make sure to use a sharp pair of tissue scissors or bone cutters to sever the bud from the parent corals in one clean cut. It is crucial to incorporate a single motion rather than multiple snipping motions to ensure a clean cut for faster healing. Be sure to make the cut at the base of the coral bud where it attaches to the parent coral. If the distinction between parent and bud is not clear and you do not feel comfortable, wait until the bud matures and the distinction is clear.

Healthy coral frag maintenance tips:

Provide and maintain ideal water conditions to ensure healthy growth. In due time, the new coral will mature and fill out nicely. As long as the corals are provided for, this process can be repeated indefinitely resulting in a well-stocked reef aquarium from just a few parent corals.