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Coralife Bio-Balls Biological Filter Media One Gallon Box (bioballs)
Price: $15.95

  • Seeds and houses the beneficial bacteria needed to effectively filter all aquariums and ponds.
  • Can be used in saltwater aquarium and freshwater aquarium filter applications.
  • Can be used in pond and waterfall filter boxes.
  • Long lasting, easy to clean to use over again.
  • One gallon of Coralife aquarium Bio-Balls (225 balls), has a surface area of approximately 21.5 sq. ft. This increased surface area supports between 45 and 60 gallons of marine life.
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Coralife Bio Balls One Gallon Box
  • Innovative filter media design maximizes biological filtration
  • Achieve a healthier aquarium environment using less bio-filter media
  • Great for fresh, saltwater aquariums or pond filtration systems
Optimize biological filtration in your aquarium system. Versatile, space-saving Bio-Balls efficiently process more harmful organic materials. The secret is their unique, geometric design that dramatically increases surface area to cultivate more beneficial bacteria. One gallon of Bio-Balls (225 balls) has a surface area of approximately 21-1/2 square feet. Safely maintain larger biological loads even in aquariums with relatively smaller filter areas. Place in wet/dry filters to improve biological filtration. Each Bio-Ball measures approximately 1 inch. Use one gallon per 45 to 60 gallons of water.

Q & A on Biological Media:

Question: What is Biological media?

Answer: Biological media is any inert material that houses the beneficial bacteria colonies that break down ammonia. Biological media is normally placed in your filtration system where water is forced through, bringing nutrients and oxygen required by the bacteria to complete the nitrogen cycle.