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Algae A Problem Solvers Guide
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Algae: A Problem Solvers Guide (Softcover) Author: Julian Sprung

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Algae: A Problem Solvers Guide (Softcover Book)

Author: Julian Sprung

This book identifies algae that commonly bloom in aquariums, with photographs and descriptions of their life cycles and life history. Specific recommendations offer ways to control the algae through aquarium husbandry practices and the use of herbivores. If your aquarium has an out-of-control algae bloom that is driving you crazy, don't give up! Get this book and follow Julian's advice. 80 pages, 7-1/8" X 8". Full color pictures throughout.

About the Author:

Julian Sprung was born in 1966 in Miami Beach, Florida and is a graduate of the University of Florida, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Zoology. Julian has been keeping marine aquariums for more than 30 years, and is an author, photographer, and aquarium design consultant in addition to being President of the manufacturing and publishing company Two Little Fishies, Inc. that he co-founded in 1991.

Julian's books include The Reef Aquarium, volumes One, Two and Three, which he co-authored with J. Charles Delbeek, Corals: A Quick Reference Guide, Invertebrates: A Quick Reference Guide, and Algae: A Problem Solver Guide. Julian resides in Miami Beach with his wife and son, four marine aquariums, one freshwater aquarium, and a Westie.