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Joes Juice Aiptasia Eliminator 20 mL
Price: $8.99

  • Preferred by professional marine aquarists & hobbyists worldwide, for safety, effectiveness, & ease of use
  • Reef safe
  • No siphoning
  • No injection
  • Made in U.S.A.
↓See detailed description below.↓
The newest and safest solution to ridding your tank of pesky aiptasia and majano anemones.

Simply feed the problem anemone a small amount of Joe`s Juice and watch the results. Within minutes, the anemone will disappear, for good!

  • Reef Safe formulation: will not harm corals or invertebrates
  • No injection required
  • Feeding Aiptasia and Majano is simple
  • Feeding can be done with the lights on
  • Aiptasia and Majano DO NOT completely retract while being fed
  • No need to siphon anemone out of tank after application
  • No effects on water chemistry
  • Pesky anemone is eliminated in minutes not hours
  • Applicator plus plastic control flow tip, which helps to eliminate spillage and increase feeding accuracy, included with every order
Manufacturer Information: "quoted from JoesJuice®"

It took us 14 months to develop JoesJuice. After this development period, we enlisted a local aquarium retailer to become a beta test site. Our first in-store test involved the feeding of 1 Aiptasia and 1 Majano in a 250 gallon Acropora tank which also contained fish, clams and other invertebrates. Before feeding pest anemones, their locations were carefully marked. It took 20 minutes for the Aiptasia and Majano to disappear. Though these test subjects never re-appeared, daily water quality checks were made over a two week period to ensure that all was well. Each new batch of JoesJuice® is tested in our original development tank to assure the utmost effectiveness of our product. The corals, fish and invertebrate populations in this development tank have remained stable. Our Hippo Tang has been in this development tank for 8 years as well as a Yellow Belly Damsel 7 years, Cross Eyed Squirrel 6 years, Niger Trigger 5 years, Tomato Clown 5 years, Dwarf Lion Fish 3 years plus a host of others new and old. With no need for peppermint shrimp, we`ve been able to house fish in our reefs that might not otherwise be recommended!