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Kent Marine Zoomax 30 mL (Super-Concentrated Zooplankton)
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Super-Concentrated Zooplankton Suspension for Filter Feeding Invertebrates

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Super-Concentrated Zooplankton Suspension for Filter Feeding Invertebrates

Type: Marine Supplement

Size: 1oz

Description: ZooMax is a highly-concentrated suspension of whole bio-engineered marine zooplankton raised in a remote area of the world. Average size is 800 microns, ideal for filter-feeding marine invertebrates as well as planktivorous fish. Extremely rich in essential HUFAs, amino acids, and beneficial biopigments; the only marine zooplankton of its` kind! Properly preserved, contains no alcohol; Requires no refrigeration or freezing!

Directions: Add 1 drop (0.10 ml) per 50-gallons to an 8-oz. container of aquarium water, stir, and add this to the aquarium every other day. Observe reaction of aquarium residents over 8-weeks and adjust dosage accordingly thereafter. In heavily stocked reef aquariums, the dosage will likely need to be increased, however take care not to overfeed. As with any food, monitor water quality closely after feeding. For additional information, read the "Use & Interaction" (see opposite).

Considerations for use: Kent Marine ZooMax is a super-concentrated suspension of marine zooplankton with a truly unique and beneficial nutritional profile. Light reception, improved reproduction, pigment transfer, growth enhancement, increased disease-resistance and survival rates, color enhancement, and increased metabolic efficiency are just a few of the many benefits provided to aquatic animals by Cyclop-Eeze®. ZooMax is conducive to feeding LPS, SPS, and soft (leather) corals, polyps, clams and other bivalves, sea fans, and is readily accepted by many species of juvenile and adult marine fish, including those that feed primarily on tiny benthic crustaceans in and around reefs.

ZooMax comprises one part of the Kent Marine Advanced Reef Care (ARC) regimen. Using this product in conjunction with PhytoMax and ChromaMax, advanced reef hobbyists are able to provide an economical simulation of the natural variety of plankton available to filter-feeders, hence providing a more natural environment and proper nutrition to these organisms in captivity. When using with other foods, alternate use of products every other day or decrease dosage by half (if using two products) or one-third (if using three products) and dose every other day.

ZooPlex contains a species of zooplankton that is harvested in a remote region of the world.

Active Ingredients: Aqua-cultured marine zooplankton.

Precautions: Not for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children!