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Jebo 10 Gallon Aquarium System
Price: $139.99
Our Price: $89.99
You Save: $50.00 (36%)

  • Beautiful glass aquarium.
  • Get one for your home or office while they're in stock, they sell fast!
  • Compared side by side to the Tetra and Eclipse All-in-one Aquarium Systems, you get the same quality, for a lot less money with the Stylish Jebo Aquarium System.
  • Rated one of the best built cost effective 10 gallon nano aquariums in its class.
  • Beautifully curved front glass panel, offers panoramic viewing in a seamless one piece mold.
  • Can be used for a saltwater fish only tank or for freshwater fish.
  • Convenient built-in top filtration.
  • For hobbyists with large reef aquariums, this aquarium makes a great quarantine tank, breeding tank, holding tank, hatchery/rearing tank, or hospital recovery tank.
  • An Recommended Product.
  • Note: Heavy weight shipping fee is included with this item.
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Jebo 10 Gallon Nano Aquarium with filtration system

Easy set up, contemporary styling, excellent filtration and water resistant lighting components make this a must for any aquarium owner. Whether for home or for office this compact 10 gallon aquarium takes center stage as a captivating feature. With proper care your Jebo Aquarium will ensure years of tranquility and beauty.
Jebo 10 Gallon / 40 Liter Capacity Complete Aquarium System.

  • 10 Gallon / 40 liters capacity
  • 2 x 8 Watt fluorescent lights with top mount light switch
  • Easy access hinged top door opening
  • Built in top Jebo power filter with filter media
  • Dimensions (mm) : 380 x 270 x 460
  • Comes in standard black colored trim
*Metallic silver, metallic blue, metallic green and metallic red colored trim available upon request, and if in stock.