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Ecoxotic Panorama Marine LED Light Fixture with OneTouch LED Controller
Price: $369.99
Our Price: $349.99
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  • Display model, immaculate. On sale and discounted now. Last one available.
  • A perfect well balanced spectrum for saltwater marine life, including: Softies, LPS & SPS Corals and Clams.
  • Fits 48" aquariums.
  • 12,000 Kelvin White & 445nm Blue LEDs
  • Independent control of white & blue LEDs
  • Dimmable, adjustable intensity
  • Cool, silent, ultra-safe voltage, water resistant
  • Sleek, low profile design installs easily onto any 48" aquarium
  • 50% more efficient than comparable T5 HO systems
  • Dimensions: 46.75" x 1.75" x 1" for 48" coral reef aquariums
  • Weight: 3.1 lbs.
  • Total Watts: 50~60 wattage ramps up and down if you dim it, so wattage varies
  • # of 12,000 Kelvin White LEDs: 24 (Perfect Balance).
  • # of 445 nanometer Blue LEDs: 16 (Perfect Balance).
  • Input Voltage: 24V DC Constant Voltage
  • Connection: DC Barrel 2.1 x 5.5mm
↓See description below.↓

The Panorama Marine LED strip light is equipped with a rust resistant highly polished reflector to drive light down into the tank where needed. Small and unobtrusive mounting legs allow the Panorama fixture to be mounted a couple inches above the aquarium, while resting on the fish tank sides.

Comes nicely equipped with high intensity blue and white LED's. It comes with the legs on the ends and fits perfectly on a 48" tank. Also comes with the one touch controller that allows you to set timers, dawn and dusk fade-in, and cloud cover effects. Comes with wireless remote control as well. Works flawlessly. Use as a standalone, or in conjunction with T5's or Metal Halides.

Specifications subject to change without notice as technologies advance.