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Seachem Onyx Substrate 15.4 lbs
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  • Seachem Onyx Substrate 15.4 lbs
  • It may be used in any aquarium environment
↓See detailed description below.↓

Onyx" is a specially fracted porous substrate for the aquarium. Onyx" is suitable for any marine or freshwater environments and is ideally suited for cichlid environments. Onyx" is most effective when used alone as an integral substrate bed, but it may be mixed with other gravels or sands. Onyx" is not chemically coated or treated but does have a slight buffering capacity.

Although pre-washed, it may be rinsed before

Aluminum 822
Barium 5
Calcium 197500
Cobalt 4
Chromium 10
Copper 4
Iron 2846
Potassium 417
Magnesium 115400
Manganese 43
Sodium 135
Nickel 7
Vanadium 8
Zinc 23

use to remove residual dust. Dust can also be minimized by filling aquarium slowly and dispersing water so that the Onyx" bed is not disturbed. Slight initial cloudiness is normal and will clear rapidly (212 hours). To shorten the cloudiness period use Clarity" in conjuction with mechanical filtration (such as filter floss). To determine the number of bags required for your aquarium, please note that each bag (7 kg, 15.4 lbs) occupies a volume of approximately 7,000 cm3 (425 cu. in.).