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Tunze Wavecontroller 7092
Price: $68.33

  • Tunze Wavecontroller 7092
  • It is a control unit for all Turbelle pumps with electronic motor
↓See detailed description below.↓

Wavecontroller 7092

The new Wavecontroller 7092 fitted with a membrane keyboard is a control unit for all TurbelleŽ pumps with electronic motor.

It is the perfect synthesis between Singlecontroller 7091 and Wavecontroller 6091, and thus can synchronously or reciprocally control two TurbelleŽ pumps:

  • Wave simulation by setting the two pump outputs to maximum and minimum values as well as the pulse time.
  • Oscillating flow for the direct or reciprocal operation of Nano Wavebox / Wavebox.
  • Oscillating flow with TurbelleŽ pump for the operation of TurbelleŽ stream pumps.
  • Automatic search of the resonance frequency in case of oscillating flow.
  • Ramp function for a gentle start of the pumps.
  • Foodtimer at the touch of a button; after about eight to ten minutes, a restart is carried out automatically. If the Photo-Electric Cell 7094.05 (not included in the scope of delivery) is attached to the connecting port, the night-mode operation is activated automatically.