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Aerofoamer Custom Series
Price: $1,500.00

  • Aerofoamer Custom Series
  • It can be used either in or out of a sump
  • Air Control Valve
  • Easier and Quicker to clean
↓See detailed description below.↓

Aerofoamer Custom Series:


  • Designed and constructed for the customers specific needs.
  • This particular model stands 6 feet tall and has dual External Injectors.
  • 2" gate valve for easily adjusting flow rates.
  • Now you have a choice of Cups. Topless or Classic, both have been tested and proven.
  • New twist off design. Minimum clearance needed to remove cup of Aerofoamer.
  • A silencer is now standard equipment on the Beckett housing.
  • Injector housing inlet, air valve are all completely adjustable. The Beckett comes apart in less than 10 seconds.
  • Thumbscrews have been eliminated making it easier and quicker to clean.
  • O-rings provide a superior seal.
  • Unique "SWIRL DESIGN" creates more contact time increasing efficiency. This swirling action also eliminates bubbles colliding into each other that can dislodge some of the waste products we are trying to export out of the system.
  • Injector and housing easily comes apart for cleaning when required.
  • 1" gate valve with no metal parts, standard equipment for easy adjust so you can run your skimmer anywhere between wet or dry.
  • Quality Construction - Made from the finest Cell-Cast materials.
  • Air Control Valve controls the amount of air injected and bubble size.
  • Aerofoamer can be used either in or out of a sump.
  • Ozone safe! Has separate port for direct Ozone injection.
Model # Dimensions Aquarium Size Minimum Flow Rate
Aerofoamer 872 14"X18"X72" 500-5000 Gal 2500 gph