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Aqua Medic SP1500 Dosing Pump
Price: $119.00

  • Aqua Medic SP1500 Dosing Pump
  • It can be used for Bypass Filters
  • Aqua Medic is an recommended product
↓See detailed description below.↓

Our SP1500 Dosing Pumps is an economic peristaltic pump for pumping small volumes of water. It can be used for bypass filters such as the Nitratereductor NR 1000 and the Calciumreactor KR 1000, to top off evaporated water when combined with an aquaniveau, as well as for automatic dosing of fertilizers and minerals. The pump is supplied with a long life Santoprene hose.

Santoprene hose and drive wheel are not covered under the warranty.

Always use non-return valves on each inlet and outlet to hold prime.


Rated for (1.5 ltr./hr), approx. 0.4 gph, Power Consumption: 4.5W