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Aqua Medic SMS Module
Price: $659.00

  • Aqua Medic SMS Module
  • All connected sensors can be used for the alarm function
  • Aqua Medic is an recommended product
↓See detailed description below.↓

The SMS Module enhance the AT-Control System to send alarm SMS. The alarm is activated, for example if the actual measured values exceed or fall below programmed alarm values. The module can send an alarm SMS to a mobile phone. All connected sensors can be used for the alarm function. The SMS shows the actual status of the sensor. Alarm of level sensors will indicate if the actual value exceeds or falls below the desired level, Redox or pH alarm will include the actual value of the redox or pH-probe. Addionally, a SMS with any content can be sent to the SMS Module and shown on the display of the AT-COntrol. If an SMS with a preset code is sent to the AT-Control, for example “info pH”, the AT-Control will send a SMS back with the actual value of the pH probe, for example pH = 8.23.