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Aqua Medic Kauderni
Price: $1,899.00

  • Aqua Medic Kauderni
  • Saltwater Aquarium
  • It is Easy to Operate
  • White High Gloss Finish
  • Integrated Internal Filtration
  • Aqua Medic is an recommended product
↓See detailed description below.↓

The new Aqua Medic Kauderni is a sophisticated saltwater aquarium that combines stylish design and perfect functionality. Furthermore, it is easy to operate. Total power consumption is only approx. 70W excluding Lighting. The saltwater aquarium system is supplied with a cabinet in a white high gloss finish, integrated internal filtration and complete lighting system built into a high-quality aluminium cover. The front glass of the aquarium is constructed with optiwhite clear glass and the aquarium includes adjustable active ventilation that can be connected, if necessary. It features a filter compartment incl. Turboflotor Blue 500. Pump: PF 1000 + NanoProp 5000. Lighting system: 4 x T5 with 24W each.


Dimensions: approx. 26 x 24 x 57 in. (l x w x h). Water volume approx. 70 gal.

There is a heavy weight fee associated with this item.