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Aqua Medic Blenny Advanced
Price: $699.00

  • Aqua Medic Blenny Advanced
  • Advanced Nano Aquarium
  • Includes adjustable circualtion pump
  • Filter Compartment
  • Aqua Medic is an recommended product
↓See detailed description below.↓

The Blenny Advanced nano aquarium combines the full functionality of a reef aquarium in a compact design. The integrated filter compartment guarantees easy maintenance, and the total power consumption is only 50W.

The following components are included:
  • NanoProp 5000, located behind the back wall, is an adjustable circualtion pump for the desired water movement. Rated: 12V / 7W.
  • The Turboflotor Blue 500 protein skimmer, located behind the back wall, is designed for efficient and near silent operation.
  • AquareefLED with 18 high-power Cree LEDís 3 watt each (7 x 3 watt blue and 11 x 3 watt 12,000 K). Optionally we recommend the use of our sunrise control as programmable light control. The white and blue LEDs could be switched separately in groups.
  • Filter: filter compartment. The filter compartment, with high quality acrylic divider and surface skimmer.

Dimensions: (l x w x h) 16 x 20 x 16 in. Volume approx. 21 gal.

There is a heavy weight fee associated with this item.