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Glasscare Brush for use with Magnavore ER Series
Price: $15.99


To get more familiar with this quality professional grade Glasscare Brush for use with Magnavore ER Series.

  • Magnetic Algae Cleaners
  • Aquarium Brush
↓See detailed description below.↓

Magnavore Glasscare Brush attaches to internal magnet of the ER series Magnetic Algae Cleaners and make algae cleaning a bliss. To use Magnavore brushes, a brush-compatible internal magnet half with side locks is required.To assemble, push internal half through the center of the brush until the brush locks into position. You will hear a positive click. Make sure that all four tabs on the brush are securely locked.Clean tank with slow even motions. If magnet does not track smoothly, lubricate the outside tank surface by spraying with distilled water or acrylic cleaner. Stay away from the gravel line. Any gravel or other debris caught between the pad and tank wall will result in scratching.To disassemble, gently spread pair of opposite tabs and push the internal half slightly down. Repeat with the other side. Be careful not to spread the tabs too aggressively as that may break them.Do not forget to replace the worn out pads regularly to maintain cleaning effectiveness at its peak. You will achieve best performance by cleaning the tank every other day.Replace brush when bristles get worn out and with a fresh Velcro brand pad no longer touch glass panel.

Works on Modesl 2, 4 & 6 ONLY!