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Tetra Parasite Guard
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To get more familiar with this quality professional grade Tetra Parasite Guard.

↓See detailed description below.↓

Keep your aquatic pets healthy and lively with this parasite remedy. The treatment removes external and internal parasites and comes in fast-dissolving tablets for easy

Keep your fish in good health with Tetra Parasite Guard. Ideal for use in freshwater aquariums, this treatment eliminates internal and external parasites from your aquatic pets and protects against secondary infections. The easy-to-use tablets dissolve quickly in water, and the treatment works without raising the water temperature of the aquarium.

  • For use in freshwater aquariums
  • Eliminates external and internal parasites from tropical fish, including flukes, internal worms, lice, anchor worms and flagellates such as hexamita or spironucleus associated with hole-in-the-head disease
  • Protects against secondary infections
  • Add 1 tablet to each 10 gal. of aquarium water
  • Will not raise the water temperature

This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer.

Caution: Harmful to crustaceans (shrimp or crabs). Keep out of reach of children. For aquarium use only. Not for use on food fish.

Available in a 1.38-oz., 8 pack that treats an aquarium up to 80 gal.