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Tetra Whisper In-Tank Power Aquarium Filters
Price: $12.99

Size: 10 gallon; 20 gallon (+ $12.00); 40 gallon (+ $17.00)

To get more familiar with this quality professional grade Tetra Whisper In-Tank Power Aquarium Filters.

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Super quiet power filtration that's easy to conceal within your aquarium. As versatile as they are powerful, these filters are ideal for low water level environments.

Hang this mighty little filter inside your aquarium, supported by the tank rim, or attach it to the side using suction cups--Whisper In-Tank Filters are powerful and versatile. The submerged motor provides quiet and powerful filtration, making the filter useful for filled aquariums or low-water environments such as turtle tanks. Its position inside the tank allows aquariums to be moved flush to the wall, and positioning on a side allows a full view of your beautiful fishy friends without the distraction of filter boxes or power cords. Full two year warranty included. Made in China.

Whisper® In-Tank Filter Selection Chart
  In-Tank 10i In-Tank 20i In-Tank 40i
Bio-Bag® Size: Medium Large Large
Aquarium Size: Up to 10 Gal 10 to 20 Gal 20 to 40 Gal
GPH: 90 GPH 125 GPH 170 GPH
Warranty: Full 2 year Full 2 year Full 2 year