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35 Inch Hamilton Aruba Sun Low Profile HO T5 & LED Retrofit Kit
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To get more familiar with this quality professional grade 35 inch Hamilton Aruba Sun Low Profile HO T5 & LED Retrofit Kit.

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  • T5 HO & LED retrofit kit for easy aquarium lighting upgrades
  • Separate power cords allow custom 24-hour aquarium lighting
  • Low-profile retrofit kit installs neatly in your aquarium canopy

Space-saving, low-profile combination retrofit kit lets you quickly, easily upgrade your aquarium lighting. Each Hamilton Technology Aruba Sun T5 Retrofit Kit employs T5 High Output Fluorescent PLUS LEDs (light emitting diodes) suitable for use on reef, marine, or freshwater aquariums. Each Aruba Sun T5 Retrofit Kit arrives fully assembled and ready to operate; simply retrofit in your aquarium canopy and plug it in - its that easy!

Wrap-around anodized aluminum reflectors with German mirror finish significantly increase the light output of included 10,000K Super White and Actinic Blue T5 lamps. Reflectors also rotate 180 degrees to let you direct light into your aquarium as you desire. Aruba Sun T5 Retrofit Kit brings you bright light to sustain aquarium inhabitant health and enhance their beauty! Center LED strip with 1/4W Moonlight Blue LEDs lets you easily create nighttime conditions for your aquarium inhabitants; this also lets you easily see and enjoy their nocturnal behaviors.

Each energy-efficient Aruba Sun T5 Retrofit Kit contains a high-performance, cool-operating, T5 electronic ballast to improve light output and intensity in your aquarium. Additional features include moisture-proof T5 lamp holders and separate 10-foot grounded power cords for T5 lamps and LED strip light for independent timer operation. Each measures 7" wide x 3" high.