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Miracle Mud 10lb Marine
Price: $79.95


To get more familiar with this quality professional grade Miracle Mud 10lb Marine.

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Miracle Mud 110 (10 lbs.)-MARINE

For International Orders

  • Miracle Mud continuously replenishes the mineral and trace element concentration in the aquarium, making this the most comprehensive filter medium available.
  • Miracle Mud is the most efficient denitrifying filter medium for the money. While other comparable products require a minimum 6-inch deep sand bed for denitrification to occur, you will need only 1 inch of Miracle Mud, making it the least expensive filtration medium available today!
  • Miracle Mud reverses Hole-in-the-Head disease!
  • Miracle Mud helps maintain the vibrant coloration of corals, invertebrates and fishes in the reef aquarium!
  • Not only is the EcoSystem Miracle Mud filter an efficient denitrifying and stand--alone unit (no protein skimmer required), it is also the most comprehensive filtration system on the market!