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Bubble Magus 180-CS Skimmer
Price: $449.99


To get more familiar with this quality professional grade Bubble Magus 180-CS Skimmer.

↓See detailed description below.↓

Needlewheel protein skimmer Bubble Magus 180-CS

Capability: 700L-900L(185G -240G)
Pump: Auqbee 2000/I
Pump power: 19W, 110V 60Hz
Air intake: 500L/H
Dimensions: 9.0" * 10.6" * 20.4"
Cylinder: MAX 7"
Water Level: 9.5"-11"

This Skimmer has been replaced with Sea Side Aquatics CS2 skimmer, both skimmers are the same however the CS2 comes with psk1000 pump.