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X-Runner® Reef Aquarium LED Light
Price: $224.99
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  • Provides high light PAR illumination, suitable for all corals requiring high lighting intensity.
  • Made of high quality rust-proof components, including passive cooling heat dissipating materials.
  • Light weight and extremely easy to use.
  • Input Voltage: 100~240V 32 Watt Maximum Input Voltage
  • Color Temperature: USA CREE XM-L Red/Blue/White/Full spectrum
  • Glass Optic Lens: 140 degree angle
  • PAR: 15.8W/m2
  • Drive Current: 960mA
  • Size: 6" Length X 3.5" Width
  • Equivalent to 150 watt metal halides
  • The spectrum output in Kelvins is 16,500 Kelvins
  • It can be easily hung above the tank with the included wire cable
  • LED Lifespan: 75,000 Hours. Equivalent of 7 years.
  • Recommended to be placed 1 to 2 feet above the aquarium being illuminated.
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X-Runner® Reef Aquarium LED Light

X-Runner Reef Aquarium LED Light

X-Runner LED Aquarium Light