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Python Ulti-Vac Pond Maintenance Kit
Price: $69.99


To get more familiar with this quality professional grade Python Ulti-Vac Pond Maintenance Ki!

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With the Python Ulti-Vac Pond Maintenance Kit you will spend more time enjoying your pond and less time cleaning it. The Ulti-Vac simplifies routine pond maintenance without having to go swimming. The Ulti-Vac does not use electricity. You simply connect your garden hose to the Ulti-Vac and it will suck out rotting, decayed matter from difficult to reach pond bottoms, corners, and dead spots. Larger organic matter is trapped in the removable container and can be used as fertilizer your garden and flower beds.

Unit Includes:
  • 13 foot discharge hose w/connector & pump
  • Filter tube and cap
  • Body tube with collar
  • 4 foot cleaning tube
  • Removable container and gasket