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Python Pleco Tube Mini 8"
Price: $12.09


To get more familiar with this quality professional grade Python Pleco Tube Mini 8"!

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Stress is a condition that can have a very negative impact on the health of your aquarium fish. It can interfere with normal behaviors, increase aggression, and can even lead to disease and death. The Pleco Tube from Python Products is designed to provide your Plecostomus or other naturally shy fish with a stress-free retreat. Whether they're adapting to a new environment or evading a bullying tankmate, your fish are sure to enjoy the comfort and security provided by the Pleco Tube.

A superior alternative to wooden hideouts, the Pleco Tube is made entirely from natural clays so it will never fade, bleed, or rot. It is completely inert and non-toxic so it will not affect aquarium water chemistry, and is safe for both freshwater and saltwater applications. Usable wet or dry, Pleco Tubes also make great additions to reptile terrariums and small animal enclosures. Individually hand-crafted in the U.S.A.

  • 8" long
  • Pleco Tubes are closed on one end
  • Note: As Pleco Tubes are handmade, each one is unique. The exact size and shape will vary slightly from piece to piece.
  • Provides animals with a stress-free retreat
  • Great for fish, reptiles, and small animals
  • Made entirely from natural clays
  • Will never fade, bleed, or rot
  • Safe for freshwater and saltwater applications