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Coralife Aquarium Chiller, 1/4 HP
Price: $779.99
Our Price: $682.59
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To get more familiar with this quality professional grade Aquarium Chillers unit, view the user manual. Click here.

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Coralife Aquarium Chiller, 1/4 HP RES36062 Features:
  • We can not ship a chiller expedited or to Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • 4.2 Amps/120V
  • Single stage controller
  • Does not have a pump. The required flow through the chiller is between 475 gph and 800 gph.
  • Maximum Tank Size: 125 gallons. If your tank is in a room that is at times over 82 degrees, or if you need to reduce the temperature more than 10 degrees, you should consider a larger chiller.
  • 5/8” or 3/4” Hose Barb Connections
  • Contains safe Ozone Friendly Refrigerant (R134-A)
  • Titanium heat exchanger (won’t corrode)
  • Easy one-step programming via digital LED display. Keeps water within +/- 2 degrees F of set temperature. Controller Range: 39-90F.
  • Length 19.50", Width 16.25", Height 18.25"
  • Chillers should not be placed in an enclosed area without adequate air flow
  • Reusable, Washable Air Filter
  • User Manual (pdf file in new window)