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CPR Aquatic Bak-Pak Dual Pak Protein Skimmer (Accela Pump)
Price: $199.99


To get more familiar with this quality professional grade Protein Skimmer unit, view the user manual. Click here.

↓See detailed description below.↓

CPR has taken the proven technology behind the Bak-Pak 2, and created the larger Bak-Pak Dual Pak protein skimmer. The Dual Pak provides a complete hang-on filtration unit for tanks up to 100 gallons that incorporates two protein skimmers with a biological filtration chamber in the middle. Using proven Rejuvenation Venturi technology, the protein skimmers are flooded with bubbles for constant removal of excess organics. The biological chamber utilizes CPR's Bio-Bale biological filter media to provide maximum surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize.

CPR Aquatic Bak-Pak Dual Pak RCPR02073 Protein Skimmer Features:
  • For saltwater tanks up to 100 gallons
  • For hang-on use only
  • Includes two Accela pumps--more info at the bottom of the page
  • Can be used with the Bubble Trap Box Clear or Bubble Trap Box Black (one for each of the two returns) and the Pre Skimmer Box (one for each of the two pumps)
  • Body Size: 11.5" wide, 3.75" deep, 18" height
  • User Manual (pdf file in new window)
  • Accela Pump Info:
  • The new Accela pump is similar to the Maxi-jet 1200, however, it includes some important added benefits. The pump has been modified to include a venturi intake which efficiently draws in more air with less restriction on the pump. This results in more effective protein skimming with a significantly increased "sweet spot" for skimmer operation.

    • Increased air to water ratio
    • Less restriction on the pump results in longer pump life
    • Modest power consumption- 20% less than the Maxi-jet 1200
    • UL listed with a 6 ft. grounded plug