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Solder-Less DIY CREE LED Aquarium Light Kit
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  • Solder-less DIY CREE LED Aquarium Light Kit.
  • See the images of this retrofit, into one of our OCReef office nano reef tanks, which originally included an Ecoxotic with Panorama Fixtures. We left two of the Panorama fixtures in, on either side of the 3 watt cree diy kit upgrade.
  • Images, in random order:
    Cree DIY LED Light Kit,
    DIY Aquarium Light Kit
  • No Soldering or Drilling! Simply put the electrical wire connectors into each other!
  • Perfect for all aquariums, including Nano's. Retrofit your existing Power Compact or T5 Fixture to LED.
  • Most Popular: (24) 3 Watt CREE LED Aquarium Lighting Kit Includes:
  • (12) 3 Watt XT-E White CREE LEDs
  • (12) 3 Watt XT-E Royal Blue CREE LEDs
  • 1 Black Aluminum Heat Sink: Measures Approx. 5 inches in Width x 1 inch in Height x 16 inches in Length.
  • (24) Eighty degree optics
  • (2) constant current dimmable Meanwell ELN-60-48D LED driver's (100V-240V)
  • (2) manual turn knob dimmer controllers (potentiometers)
  • Note: This is a raw kit with components. Full assembly required. Technical skills required.
  • Note: There is a shipping fee for this item.
↓See Images below.↓
The Solder-less DIY LED Aquarium Light Kit: No Soldering or Drilling

  • 24 pcs CREE LEDs. True Cree Q5 bin emitters.
  • 24 pcs Acrylic Eighty Degree Optic Lens
  • 2 pcs Meanwell Dimmable Power Supply ELN-60-48D
  • LED adhesive
  • 2 pcs Manual Turn Knob Dimmers. Dims from (0--100%) percent (potentiometers)
  • UL Approved Power Cord
  • Power Wire Connector Clips (for linking power cord and Meanwell power supply)
  • Wire included (for linking led power wires and dimmer wires)
Specifications subject to change as technologies change. Images show kit already installed on a heat sink. It does not come like this.

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