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24 Inch Extreme Bright 54 Watt LED Bar Blue and White
Price: $249.99
Our Price: $219.95
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size: 24 inch ; 36 inch (+ $65.00); 48 inch (+ $85.00); 72 inch (+ $125.00)
  • Add the beautiful Super Actinic Blue and White LED Light Strip to add fluorescence to your corals.
  • The 24 inch unit has 18 count LEDs. The LEDs span from end to end for full horizontal coverage.
  • Includes optic lens for depth penetration.
  • Compact slim footprint.
  • Add to your existing lighting, (plug n play) to create an exciting light display on your aquarium. Sizes to choose from, include: 24 inch, 36 inch, 48 inch and 72 inch.
  • The housing is made of Aluminum and is durable and rust resistant.
  • Easily mount to your wooden canopy, with the included brackets, or place on top of your glass top canopy.
  • Operates extremely cool and efficient.
  • Environmentally friendly aquarium lighting solution! Built to last!
  • Convenient plug-in power supply with quick disconnect.
  • Note: Select desired size from drop down, then Add to Cart.
↓See details and image below.↓
Lighting is one of the most important components of a reef aquarium. Correct color with the appropriate intensity is a critical factor in the health of aquarium organisms. A combination of LED Blue Actinic, and White 10K White LEDs creates approximately 18,000-degree K and are what many aquarium hobbyists consider the most pleasing, not only for the tank inhabitants, but also for viewing pleasures. Using this light will provide the appropriate 50/50 range of both blue and white light.

Quick Tip: Actinic is blue... more precisely Actinic is the FAR blue range
The first line in WIKIPEDIA
"Actinic light is either light that affects photographic film, or will facilitate photosynthesis or stimulate light sensitive species"

Note: A wavelength of approximately 410 to 465 nanometers (nm), are the wavelengths where photosynthetic efficiency in relation to corals is at its highest.

Super Actinic Blue Aquarium Lighting

Design specifications subject to slightly change as new technologies are developed.