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NextReef SMR1 Solid Media Reactors
Price: $115.99

size: up to 375 Gallons (+ $35.00); up to 250 Gallons
  • Worlds greatest Media Reactor. Made in the USA.
  • Easy set up and installation.
  • Heavy gauge blue colored acrylic keeps light out to discourage excess algal growth.
  • Can be used for various applications.
  • Recommended Tank Size: up to 250 gallons Marine.
  • Height: 16" Overall Height / 14" Reaction Chamber (405mm / 355mm).
  • Width: 6" Overall (150mm).
  • Reaction Chamber: 14" x 4" (355mm x 100mm).
  • Total Capacity: 155 cubic inches / .68 gallons / 86 fluid ounces / 2.6 liter.
  • Inlet / Outlet: 5/8" 90 Degree Barb Fittings - fits standard 5/8" ID tubing.
  • Recommended Product.
  • Note: Select desired size from drop down below.
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NextReef SMR1 Solid Media Reactor Information

Developed in conjunction with the US Distributor of NP BioPellets, the NextReef SMR1 is the first media/substrate reactor specifically designed for long term use of larger media.

Evolved from the MR1 Media/Substrate Reactors, the NextReef SMR1 fills a specialized role while retaining the quality and ease of use you'd expect from a NextReef reactor.

Two sizes are available. The SMR1 is 16" tall overall, with a 14" reaction chamber, and the SMR1 XL is 23" overall with a 21" reaction chamber.

  • The NextReef SMR1 is based on our standard MR1 media/substrate reactors, but with some significant changes...
    Cast blue acrylic for the main body. Made specially for us, it's both thicker and stronger than our standard tubing. The translucent blue color also serves an important purpose - it keeps out light to reduce algae and opimize beneficial bacterial growth. They're great in lighted sumps, or anywhere light exposure is a concern.
  • Modified internal plenum assembly. Our original design works great with sponges and small media - the SMR1 eliminates the sponges to reduce maintenance. Since BioPellets and Zeolithic media are designed for long term use, reducing maintainence fosters system stability.
  • Higher flow rates and reduced head pressure. The SMR1 comes set up to use larger fittings than the original reactors, so it flows more water with less restriction. The NextReef SMR1 flows enough water to easily fluidize larger media.
  • The SMR1 features plenums laser-cut from 3/16" acrylic. They're thick, they're heavy, they're strong... and they flow great!

Every NextReef Reactor is hand-crafted in the USA from the highest quality materials, and CAD engineered / CNC cut for a precise fit.