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OCReef X Series CREE™ LED Aquarium Light 48 Inch Fixture 216 Watts
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  • These fixtures are designed to support a 48" reef aquarium or freshwater planted biotope.
  • Wireless Remote Digital Dimming Capabilities.
  • These X-Series Generation 3 predefined programming controls the photoperiod and brightness of the system throughout the day.
  • Unit is dimmed to a (soft fade, up↑ & down↓ during dawn to dusk) automatically from the external timer controller.
  • Size: 47.5" X 5.5" X 2.5"
    (L x W x H)
  • Housing: All aluminum cnc machined, and rust proof. Built to last.
  • Designed for saltwater reef coral aquariums, starting at 20 to 500 gallons.
  • Digital Timer System.
  • Includes adjustable sliding legs, and ceiling hanging kit. Extremely light weight and easy to mount.
  • 72 x 3 watt CREE - Balanced Color Ratio Includes: A combination of XLamp®, including: Cool White, Royal Blue, and Actinic Moonlight Blue. Light casing color is black anodized aluminum.
↓See Images & Description Below.↓

Shipping: World Wide Shipping Available
Weight: 14.5 lb
Intelligent Control LED Aquarium Light w/ SanDisk Card

Designed to work over for 4 foot aquariums. (48 inches in length)

Optics: The optics are 90 degree optics which focuses the light beam into a 90 degree angle and thus directs all the light down instead of losing some light to outward projection.

Detailed Description of Intelligent Programmable Controller:

From a functional standpoint, these systems offer maximum controllability, with 4 predefined programmable light stages, including: (Sunrise, Daylight, Sunset, and Moonlight). In addition, there is an intensity level setting for each mode, which simulates the natural cycle of the sun/moon... designing your lighting schedule made easy!

See the below example, of the Dawn to Dusk photoperiod.

1. Beginning the day, (e.g. wake-up phase) with 0% white led light, 2% blue led light, and 50% moonlight, for approximately a period of 1 hr.

2. Starts entering more of a dawn phase, whereas 30% white led light is introduced, with an increase of the blue led light to 10%, and moonlight to 30%

3. Starts entering into a more normal daytime phase, which is along the lines of 100% white led light, 40% blue led light, and 0% moon light.

The major benefit of this, is that it brings out the most vivid colors, emphasizing certain fluorescent colors at certain times of the day, and thus constantly presenting an ever changing vision to onlookers. Isn't this part of the reason we got into keeping a saltwater coral reef aquarium in the first place!

Approximate PAR Test Measurements at a 24", 36", & 48" depth. Note: (60, 80, 90, 120 degree lens PAR measurements vary). Measurements taken using Seneye.
48": average of 260
36": average of 322
24": average of 500

Quality Control:
All LED products offered from OCReef.com, have been tested by us and have met or exceeded our high expectations, or we simply wouldn't sell it! We test all critical components in-house including PAR output, heat output, and electricity consumption, after a 24 hour burn in period for each unit, to ensure that each unit is of the highest quality. 1 year factory repair warranty against defects.

If you disassemble most other LED units sold on the market to date, you will notice that after 2 to 4 years many will most likely begin to have integrity issues, like internal corrosion. You can see that all use mass produced, inferior PCBs, drivers, and electronics, that will vastly lose efficiency, often 40% just in the first 2 years. If you disassemble one of our units, you'll see the clean sealed welds, the plated connectors, protection tubes, and the all aluminum superior APCB. Uses passive cooling system. APCB Aluminum Circuit Board and thickened heat sink.

OCReef X Series LED

OCReef CREE X Series LED

OCReef CREE X Series LED

OCReef CREE X Series LED

Heat Demonstration Video.↓

For more information on CREE LEDs visit: Creeledrevolution.com.

*Specifications Subject To Change, As Technologies Change

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