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Dolphin Amp Master 4750 SW External Water Pump (Used)
Price: $559.90
Our Price: $225.98
You Save: $333.92 (60%)

  • NOTE: Image shows a brand new unit, however this listing is for a fully operational used unit, showing normal signs of wear.
  • NOTE: This unit for sale is (USED), but fully operational. A great money saving offer!
  • Dolphin Amp Master External Water Pumps are quality built and run extremely quiet, making them a worthy investment.
  • These pumps will virtually last a life-time, because they can easily be maintained, and parts and seals for them can be easily obtained for repair whenever needed. The Dolphin company USA, offers wonderful customer service.
  • Can be toggled back to perform for your particular application.
  • Great for aquariums 150+ gallons. Perfect sump application pump for awesome circulation water-flow and head-pressure.
  • For Aquariums or Ponds.
  • This is a highly recommend product for quality and quietness.
↓See detailed description below.↓
Used Dolphin Amp Master SW / FW External Water Pump

  • Operates quietly.
  • Lowest amp draw marine aquarium water pump... saving you on electricity.
  • Very cool running and extremely silent running.
  • Great for aquariums 150+ Gallons. Great for closed loop systems and all systems.
  • Built to consume the lowest amount of energy per gallon pumped.
  • Most efficient dolphin 1.5" wet-end design.
  • Silent, cool running, indoor or unprotected outdoor use. 1/3 hp, 1725 rpm, 115 v. Self Contained Oil Sealed Motor.
  • Circulates 4765 gph ~ 6,200 gph. Or less if toggled back.
  • Equipped with Dolphin's most aggressive high head low rpm style impeller.
  • One motor size with one impeller designed to operate at maximum efficiency.
  • Flow rates may be dialed back by a ball valve with no harm to pump. Electrical current draw drops as flow is reduced.
  • Fresh Water Through Marine Water. High Head, Low Current Draw, Cool Quiet Pump.
  • NOTE: Does not include connector unions, used for plumbing piping into 1.5" pump opening's. These are sold separately on used units, and can be obtained from
Note: This unit has been inspected and has been deemed in good full operational condition. Used units do not come with a warranty. However the Dolphin pump manufacture offers inexpensive repairs, and rebuild kits, should you need them in the future. These pumps will virtually last forever, because you can simply rebuild them should they ever fail. Visit to contact them.