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Large Empty Reef Hermit Crab Shell 1 Inch Inner Diameter
Price: $12.99
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You Save: $7.00 (54%)

  • Quantity: (1) Large individual shell. You will receive a shell with an opening size of approximately 1" inner shell opening diameter. Colors will vary, and may include: green, white, brown, or striped.
  • Prolong the life of your Large Saltwater Reef Aquarium Hermit Crab.
  • Origin of Shells: Indo Pacific Tropical Oceans
  • Cleaned sterilized and ready to be used in your reef saltwater aquarium.
  • Note: It's recommended to let the hermit crab pick the shell, and not the hobbyist.

    Therefore in an effort to facilitate them, simply put a few shells into your reef aquarium.

    Wiithin 1 to 5 days any hermit crabs that need a new shell, will have selected a shell for their particular size requirements.
  • Note: This shell can accommodate all common species of saltwater reef hermit crabs, including: Blue Leg, Red Leg, Scarlet, Red Tip, Zebra, Orange Hermit Crabs, and many others.
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Weight: 0.1 lb
(1) Empty Fancy Reef Hermit Crab Shell - Large. Approximately 1" inner shell diameter.

The Large Empty Hermit Crab Shells are offered in a quantity of (1) each, and are sold individually. Unlike the smaller empty hermit crab shells, the larger sizes are more costly. They are especially useful in a saltwater reef aquarium that contain large hermit crabs. They are also home to many beneficial micro-organisms that help to keep a healthy balance in an aquarium ecosystem. They may also be used for decoration, and may be used in freshwater aquariums, reptile terrariums and amphibian habitats.

Important Information: As the saltwater reef hermit crabs grow, their shells do not grow to accommodate their larger size. When the crab out-grows its shell, it must then search out a new shell for its home. If an empty shell is not available, the crab will many times have to kill another crab or snail to obtain a shell. Often times if they cannot obtain a new shell fast enough, they are eaten by resident fish. By providing an empty shell, you will reduce the likelihood of the hermit crabs within the aquarium competing for a home, thus prolonging the life span of your entire clean up crew of crabs and snails.

Simply place the Large Saltwater Reef Hermit Crab Shell in your aquarium where the hermit crab has access to it.

Approximate Inner Opening Purchase Size: 1 inch

Note: If you are in need of a specific size large shell, or wish to purchase the 1" shell in a bulk gallon size, CONTACT US, so we can accommodate you. Most gallon size containers are available for around $69.99 each, plus shipping. This would be a smart investment for a hobbyist with many large reef aquariums or the hobbyist with an extremely large size reef aquarium.